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Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVED my experience at Hope Taylor's Photography Workshop! I was a little nervous on purchasing a seat at the August workshop, because I would have to travel from Orange County, CA to Fredericksburg, VA, but I went for it! As soon as I got the email that I was officially attending, I knew I had to make the traveling plans happen. With that being said, the traveling + hours spent with HTP and all the other attendees at the meet + greet and the workshop, were SO worth it! It was worth every penny! Hope is one amazing gal!! I am not saying that just because we both have similar interests, but because she generously cares for her clients + workshop attendees. She will make you feel so comfortable around her studio + confident in your own work. If you are unsure about making it to her next workshop, you are missing out! Take the leap and go for it!!! You won't regret all the fun you will have + all the knowledge Hope will share with you!

I am so glad that you're here!